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Membership Cards

Starting January 1, 2023. Your old member cards will no longer be valid.  You need to have a picture ID card to use the facility.  There is no charge to get new card.  Just stop in with valid ID and Family ID Registration form filled out to get picture taken. With the Pool Season starting, you will be waiting a minimum of 5 days to get.

A valid membership card must be presented to use the Clubhouse amenities, courts, and pool facilities.  All members (including infants and young children) are issued a membership card upon their initial registration as a new Village IV member.  Cards for new members are free of charge, just fill out a Family ID Registration Form.  Replacement cards are available for a $5.00 fee.  There is no charge for different color card due to age change.

There are 5 Membership types, depicted by the color of the card:











Please bring your membership card with you and sign in with the Attendant on Duty at the Clubhouse Office when you want to use any Clubhouse amenities.

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